Aequilibria massage studio opened in the spring of 2014 by Amanda Baldwin and Casey Crosier. They have been praticing in the field of massage for a combined twenty six years and have gained a lot of experince in many aspects of the field of massage. They opened the studio to get back to their passion of truly helping people by offering affordable, skilled, and reliable theraputic massage. One of their goals was to reach out to the community and give back in any way that they can. Which is one reason you will see them out in the community supporting local charities at events. They also donate a percentage of the studio profits to local causes such as the Humane Society, Leukeimia Lymphoma Society, Coastal Pet Rescue, Rape Crisis Center, Second Harvest and many more.

Amanda Baldwin LMT-

Amanda has been a massage therapist since  August of 1998. While in school she thought that she really never wanted to focus on Deep Tissue work but that quickly changed when she learned about the benefits. She saw the difference that could be made through deep work and now specializes in many deep tissue techniques. Over the course of Amanda’s career she has worked in all types of environments from chiropractor offices, going on medical mission trips out of the country, working with physical therapist, as well as managing high end spas. She has also worked at many sporting events and on countless athletes from swimmers, runners, to professional football players. Amanda has dedicated her life to mastering the balance of providing a massage that is both therapeutic and relaxing to her clients. When she is not working you can find her at the gym, traveling, spending time with her beloved border collies, or reading a good book. She will never pass up a good lemonade and has been known to make the best chili out there.

Casey Crosier Wood LMT-

Casey has been a massage therapist since 2007. She attended the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy in Winter Park, Florida. From day one she knew that she had found what she was meant to do. She started her career by  working alongside doctors and chiropractors offering medical based massage. Her main focus at that time was providing trigger point therapy to patients who suffered from long term chronic pain and rehab after accidents. She also worked as a lead therapist, at a high end spa, and supervised training for four years. She is passionate about finding ways to offer people pain relief and helping to restore balance back to their body. When she is not at the studio she loves spending time cooking meals, walking her rescue dogs, and spending time on her families small farm in Florida.