About Us

   After 20 years working for highly-rated spas, chiropractors, and physicians and opening her own massage therapy practice in Savannah, Georgia in 2014, veteran massage therapist Amanda has relocated and opened the doors to her own business in Greensboro, North Carolina.

As a licensed massage therapist, Amanda has treated countless clients suffering from chronic pain enabling an improved range of motion and flexibility, as well as relief from daily stress and pain.  AE Massage offers a client-centered, restorative, holistic approach to massage therapy and specializes in the treatment of chronic soft tissue pain, physical dysfunction, and stress relief.

Book your appointment with Amanda today and begin your healing journey toward relaxation, restoration, and rejuvenation.

License #NC19953


Amanda Baldwin LMT-GA MT002394 & NC 19953

Amanda has been a massage therapist since August 1998. While in school she thought that she really never wanted to focus on Deep Tissue work but that quickly changed when she learned about the benefits. She saw the difference that could be made through deep work and now specializes in many deep tissue techniques. Over the course of Amanda’s career, she has worked in all types of environments from chiropractic offices, going on medical mission trips out of the country, working with physical therapists, as well as managing high-end spas. She has also worked at many sporting events and on countless athletes from swimmers, and runners, to professional football players. Amanda has dedicated her life to mastering the balance of providing a massage that is both therapeutic and relaxing to her clients. When she is not working you can find her hiking, running,  traveling, spending time with her beloved border collies, or reading a good book.